International Kawasaki Disease Symposium (IKDS) Honolulu Hawaii February 3-6, 2015

Summary from the IKDS 2015

The North American Kawasaki Disease Registry was created by The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario Canada leading to multi-institutional collaboration, allowing doctors and scientists from around the world to share data

  • Epidemiology of Kawasaki Disease for countries around the world was shared
  • Genetics played a big role in trying to understand the pathology and immunology of Kawasaki Disease
  • Progress has been made with medical management, revascularization and long term results with many patients getting older
  • Technology has led to advancements in imagining and surveillance with the goal of enhancing clinical care of children with KD
  • There was a focus on Lifestyle and the Psychosocial Issues facing Kawasaki Disease patients and their families and an understanding for transition into adult care

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Highlights of the IKDS2015 Honolulu Hawaii

  • Tomisaku Kawasaki’s 90th Birthday Celebration
  • Kawasaki Disease Foundation Parent Symposium
    • Featuring Parent Reports from the US, Japan, Hawaii, Canada and Australia
    • Alex McCormack Memorial Lecture – Dr. R Dillenburg
    • Key Note speaker- Facing and Coping with the unknown – Dr. A Kovacs
    • Kawasaki Disease Expert Panel and Key Note speaker Q & A – Dr. B McCrindle (Toronto, ON), Dr. S Shulman (Chicago, IL)and Dr. M Wu (Taipei, Taiwan)